Nash Management Consultancy Ltd.
Encouraging sales through service and efficient working
We recruit consultants who are highly skilled and experienced operators and have an in-depth understanding how to apply their skills to get you to your end goal through sustainable solutions. Their engagement within your business allows them to identify areas for improvement and follow it up with practical, tried and tested solutions for your staff to follow.

Business analysis is imperative to performance and sustainable growth. The key parts of analysis are the identification and addressing of core problems; indicating that there may be the need for change. Our consultancy solution can aid this using techniques, experience and understanding to improve efficiency, processes and standard operating procedures. All potential changes have the ability to impact staff and customer satisfaction which are both important factors of business success.
The development and implementation of a sound customer management strategy is vital in driving maximum performance for your business. Utilising industry experience, we have the capability to deliver a full lifecycle customer strategy programme, from concept to legacy. Our implementation methodology ensures the benefits to your business are sustainable!

We will develop an implementation plan and support it throughout implementation (full support or project guardianship) as required. We provide tactical support at any stage of an existing customer management strategy including; scoping and design, review of existing strategy.
Our process solution supports organisations to re-engineer, map, and develop robust operating procedures and processes. In addition, our solutions provide a sound business operating platform to achieve greater staff and customer satisfaction. We can support your business through a complete process strategy programme from initial design or review of current processes through to implementation and measurement of new processes and SOP’s.

Any process programme must include people and technology at its core. Using a people, process, technology methodology produces maximum benefit to your business, reduces cultural impact and ensures a sustainable platform for continuous improvement.
NMC have received the highest feedback scores for our classroom-based training courses. We have been offering a flexible and reliable service which delivers results according to your needs for more than 15+ years.

We understand that customer expectations and satisfaction are important contributors to business success and therefore profitability. Employees need to possess and be able to apply the correct skills and knowledge coupled with the correct attitude; not only to meet these expectations, but to exceed them. It is with our training that they are given the opportunity to do this.

Approachable and efficient, our trainers use their expertise to combine the right training method with the right type of training to ensure that a unique, tailored training solution is delivered.
Customer expectations, particularly within the automotive industry, have changed over the years and only through the application of correct skills, knowledge and attitude of service staff, can they be met in today’s market place.

NMC works with a number of organisations placed in the top 10 of the JD Power Survey and have helped increase or maintain their placing by implementing, sustainable, training and development solutions using our unique training methodology.

Our customer management training service can provide your organisation with a full lifecycle solution encompassing all your business needs; from identifying and scoping your initial requirement to delivering measurable business improvements – we take responsibility for results!

We understand and are renowned for utilising effective customer management to increase profitability.
A highly accurate audit service provides a thorough and reliable evaluation of your business. Each audit is case specific with guidance available giving you the tools to drive your business forward. Promoting sustainable improvement and self-help, our auditing service encourages self-evaluation using original reporting tools.

Our auditors are fully trained on methodologies and take the time to understand your brand; giving you full confidence in their competence. The ability to clearly present their findings gives you the tools you need to drive your business forward.